Informal report of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate Ad Hoc Diversity Committee on the
Faculty Resources Committee (FRC) - May 7, 2019

FAS Senate Research and Scholarly Excellence Report - January 23, 2019 - (full)

Report of the FAS Senate Ad Hoc Elections Committee - August 27, 2018

Review of Progress in Restructuring the FAS - Report of the FAS Senate Governance and Institutional Policy Committee - Approved by FASS on May 8, 2018

FAS Senate Respons to the August 2017 Report of the University-Wide Ad Hoc Committee on  Procedures for Resolving Faculty Misconduct - Approved by FASS on November 9, 2017

FAS Senate Report on the Status, Pay and Condition of Non-Ladder Faculty in FAS - Approved by the FASS on April 9, 2017

FAS Senate Report on Budget Transparency/Approved by the FASS on December 8, 2016

Recommendations for the Procedure for Selecting Divisional Deans in FAS/Approved by the FASS on November 10, 2016

Report by Shiri Goren and Charles Schmuttenmaer on Visit to Yale NUS/Presented to the FAS Senate on May 19, 2016

FAS Senate Diversity and Inclusivity Report/Approved by the FASS on May 19, 2016

FAS Senate College Expansion Report/Approved by the FASS on March 10, 2016

FAS Senate Faculty Conduct Standards and Procedures Report/Approved by the FASS on March 10, 2016

FAS Senate Review of Yale’s Parental Policies/Approved by the FASS on March 10, 2016

Interim Report of the Senate’s Study Group on Faculty Conduct Standards and Procedures/November 19, 2015