FAS Senate Election Results 2019

May 24, 2019

FAS Senate Election Results


We would like to announce the results of the FAS election held in April. The voting in the election was robust, with 436 ballots cast, even higher than last year’s participation rate. The following members of the FAS faculty were elected for 2019-2021, with terms beginning on July 1.

Sybil Alexandrov (Spanish & Portuguese)
Valerie Horsley (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Dermatology)
William Nordhaus (Economics and Forestry & Environmental Studies)
Joseph Fischel (Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies)
Jennifer Klein (History)
Social Sciences
Emily Erikson (Sociology)
John Geanakoplos (Economics)
Helene Landemore (Political Science)
Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering
Alessandro Gomez (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science)
Timothy Newhouse (Chemistry)
Paul Van Tassel (Chemical & Environmental Engineering & Biomedical Engineering)
These 11 incoming Senators will join the 11 Senators elected in 2018: Arielle Baskin-Sommers, Howard Bloch, Jill Campbell, Shiri Goren, Matthew Jacobson, Ruth Koizim, Nikhil Padmanabhan, Ruzica Piskac, Theresa Schenker, Charles Schmuttenmaer, and Ian Shapiro. 

We are particularly grateful for those faculty who ran but were unsuccessful. Competitive elections help ensure that your Senate represents faculty concerns and interests.

William Nordhaus, chair, FAS Senate, 2018-2019
Alexandre Debs, chair, Elections Committee, 2018-2019