Committee on Yale Committees


This committee consults with the FAS deans, provost, and president of the university to nominate faculty members for key university-­appointed committees. The goal of this committee is to identify broadly representative and qualified members of the Yale faculty to serve on important university committees, with special attention to groups and individuals who might otherwise be overlooked. For more details, see the implementation report.

* The 2014 implementation report also mandated the creation of a “By­‐laws Committee” in order review and facilitate changes in the Senate’s internal rules. The Executive Council feels that to preserve faculty time and reduce the Senate’s overall workload this function may be adequately performed by the Executive Council itself in a single meeting in the spring of each year. One member of the Executive Council will keep track of proposed and approved by‐law changes throughout the year. All proposed changes to the by‐laws will be voted upon by the full Senate.