Committee on Yale College Expansion (ad hoc)

Co-Chairs:Beverly Gage, History; Ruth Koizim, French
Sybil Alexandrov, Spanish and Portuguese
Emily Erikson, Sociolgoy
Maureen Long, Geology & Geophysics
Reina Maruyama, Physics and Astronomy
Charles Schmuttenmaer, Chemistry

In 2017, the Yale College student population is scheduled to begin expanding by approximately 15 percent, with the opening of two new residential colleges. This committee will examine the potential impact of this change on classroom teaching, faculty workloads, Teaching Fellow allocation, and other issues of concern to FAS faculty. It will work closely with the Yale College Dean’s office and other administrators to draw upon the considerable institutional research that has already been devoted to such questions. The committee’s intent is not to duplicate such research, but to review pending plans and changes on behalf of the FAS faculty, and to make recommendations with faculty priorities and educational best practices in mind.

Copy of the list of Committees Related to Yale College Expansion