Committee on Faculty Advancement

Co-Chairs: Maria Doerfler, Religious Studes; John Geanakoplos, Economics
Marijeta Bozovic, Slavic Languages
Alexandre Debs, Political Science
Brad Inwood, Classics and Philosophy
Maureen Long, Geology & Geophysics
Rajit Manohar, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Karen Wynn, Psycology 

The Yale faculty is the University’s most important resource, doing the core creative work of the institution through teaching, research and scholarship. The international reputation and national rankings of the University rest on the innovation and the productivity of Yale faculty. Thus recruiting, retaining, and mentoring a world-class faculty are some of the University’s highest priorities. The committee will consider the various forms of support necessary to foster scholarly achievement at the highest levels, including (but not limited to) the size and quality of the faculty, research facilities, salaries, resources for teaching, technical and classroom support, the equitable distribution of faculty workloads, as well as the size and quality of the graduate program. It will also examine issues critical to faculty excellence in areas such as junior faculty mentoring, child-care services, parental support, mentoring and career development for women and under-represented minority faculty, dual-career considerations, retirement incentives, and revitalization of diversity initiatives. Finally, the committee will explore the historic role and current status of the FAS within the larger university community. The goal of this committee is to produce a report analyzing the current state of FAS support and development, and provide recommendations for ensuring the continued excellence and productivity of the Yale FAS. This fall, the committee will invite FAS faculty participation in a survey designed to assess the current state of FAS support and development. The results will help inform the committee’s report and recommendations.