Budget Committee

Chair: Ian Shapiro, Political Science and Professor in the Institute for Social and Policy Studies and of Management
William Nordhaus, Economics and School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Mark SolomonMolecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Rajit Manohar, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Jennifer Klein, History
John Geanakoplos, Economics

This committee will analyze the trends and structure of the FAS budget as well as its context in the larger university operating and capital budgets and finances. Among topics that the committee may examine are the structure of the new FAS budgeting system, the economic status of the faculty, the disposition of endowment spending, trends in spending in the FAS and other units in the university, and the sources and uses of capital spending. It is expected that the committee will meet with and base its work on exchanges with the offices of the FAS Dean, the Provost, the Vice President for Finance and Budget, and the Corporation Committee on Budget and Finance. The committee will also meet with the Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty to learn of that committee’s current and recent activities and findings as well as the disposition of those findings.

Sub-Committee: Committee on FAS Governance
Chair: Ian Shapiro
Beverly Gage
William Nordhaus
Ramamurti Shankar

The Committee on FAS Governance charged to evaluate the recent changes in the governance of the university with particular attention to their impact o the FAS. The sub-committee should explore how arts and sciences are managed and financed at other major research universities in order to inform the FASS about alternative organizational structures and budget processes. The committee should explore how well the changes in recent years are serving the health and excellence of the FAS and recommend changes if any are deemed warranted