Nominations and University Committees Committee

Chair: Emily Erikson, Sociology
Maria Doerfler, Religious Studies
Mark Mooseker, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; Cell Biology
Ian Shapiro, Political Science, Institute for Social Policy Studies and Management

From the 2014 FAS Senate Implementation Report: “This committee will oversee the annual elections of the senate and the internal election of its leadership, as well as periodically make recommendations to the FASS that it approve changes to the divisional representation and size of the body AND election procedures, if required. After the initial term of the FASS, the expectation is that members of this committee be in their final term, to avoid any possible conflict of interest.” The committee also keeps track of senators’ attendance, leave schedules, and other electoral concerns. This committee, when appropriate, can form an external committee that can oversee the counting of ballots. This committee combines the functions of two separate committees (“elections” and “nominations”) outlined in the implementation report. Further details of the committee processes and electoral rules are available in that report.

* Note for 2015-­2016: Due to its inaugural status, the Senate will not conduct full elections in 2016. The bulk of this committee’s work in 2015-2016 will entail establishing long-­term election procedures, running the election of the Executive Committee, and responding to issues involving attendance and related electoral issues.