FAS Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity

Charles Schmuttenmaer, Chair
Emily Greenwood
John Harris 
Matthew Jacobson 
Reina Maruyama 
Douglas Rogers 
Vesla Weaver 

At the November 19th and December 17th meetings of the Faculty Senate in 2015, senators expressed broad support for Senate involvement in tackling challenges to diversity and inclusion in FAS.  Senators noted that successive initiatives to diversify the faculty and academic culture at Yale have gained ground and then floundered, and advocated an informed and deliberate response to these challenges so as to avoid duplicating part efforts.  This ad hoc committee will consult widely to produce a report on the state of inclusion and diversity in FAS, as well as a set of detailed recommendations for improvement.

The committee will aim to complete its work by the end of Spring 2016 and to present a final report to the Senate in May (with a draft report and recommendations to be presented in April).